The SMF Data Management System

SMFUTIL is an SMF Data Mangement System that enables the OS/390 Systems Programmer to Archive, Manage and Retrieve the SMF data so critical to the success of modern data centers.

SMFVIEW is an ISPF SMF data Browse/Edit utility that allows an SMF data Systems Professional to view and modify SMF data records using a full screen ISPF panel display.

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At the SU80124 fix level, the DDALOGR keyword introduced in SU80090, is significantly enhanced to take advantage of certain sub-options the IBM IFASEXIT SMF LOGR I/O exit supports.   
These new functions can significantly reduce the time spent reading a large SMF LOGR Structure. See the LOGSTRM.PDF document for instructions on how to use these new controls. 
This document is distributed with both the maintenance and product release file.  Especially note the IBM PTF level required to support the new NSI keyword. 


With the July 11, 2015 update, a change has been made to the handling of the ISPPLIB member updates.  They are now to be uploaded as Binary with LRECL of 80  
just like the OBJ modules except targeted at the ISPPLIB library.  See the first NOTE in the README.TXT file for more information.  Note that this change only affected
the Maintenance file as the Full Install file is already done in Binary mode.  For consistancy the Full Install file's modification date has been updated to match.


SU80098 is considered a HIPER fix.  It corrects a coding error in SU80097 that will cause an ABEND 0C7 or 0C4 if a restart of an SMFUTIL MOD process is required.
SU80090, 91 and 97 are required to support SMFVIEW V1.1 Release Candidate 1 (available for download from this web site on or before May 1, 2011.)
SU80096 is a significant alteration to &SID and &DID substitution processing. 
If these two symbolic strings are used in your SMFUTIL production processing, rigorous testing should be performed prior to this level being placed into production.


SVV11Beta.EXE - Beta test version of SMFVIEW V1.1 as  of March 25, 2011

SVV11Beta.ZIP   - for those that need it, the same content as SVV11Beta.EXE above but not self-extracting.

Hyper PTF Note:  
IBM has posted APAR OA25873 for the Z/OS 1.9 level marking PTF UA35903 as PE.  This PTF can cause a CPU loop if SMFUTIL is writing to extended compressed format datasets on DASD.  This can affect any program writing extended format compressed DASD datasets but SMFUTIL is more vulnerable because of how hard it drives the I/O due to large block sizes combined with high buffer counts plus multiple simultaneous output files.   ASPG considers this a critical issue and has marked this APAR/PTF combination as HYPER and suggests all SMFUTIL Users research this PTF and APAR combination for applicability to their environment and, if already applied, remove any related PTF now in PE status until IBM has a resolution to this problem.
Hyper SMFUTIL FIX Note:  
Sites that previously installed the SU80111 to SU80116 levels should immediately update to SU80117 as it corrects several significant errors in the previous SU80111 level.


The following files are for download for current SMFUTIL and SMFVIEW customers.  Download the file to an empty temporary PC directory and execute to unzip.  See the README.TXT for further instructions and updates to processing capabilities and requirements. 

SUV8.EXE      -   SMFUTIL Version 8.0/SU80120++ GA Product Distribution,  Dated  September 23, 2015 with updated SMFUTLRT and SMFDB2TB and corrected CHECKSUM on 80110

                              (THIS IS THE FULL INSTALLATION FILE) for trials and existing user upgrades  (4.4 Meg download!)

SUV8.ZIP        -   For those that need it, the same content as SUV8.EXE above but not self-extracting.    

                              This is a full installation file to do an original installation of SMFUTIL V8.  If you only need current maintenance for V8, see SMFUTL80.EXE below.

                              If you are currently running V7 or wish to trial SMFUTIL, this is the file you need to install and test V8 of SMFUTIL.

                              This is a self  extracting executable that contains a job to upload to the mainframe to create

                              the distribution libraries as they would have come from a tape.  It also has PDF and WORD versions

                              of the SMFUTIL manual for V8.   See the README.TXT file for instructions.

                              Review AMNTREAD member of the SMFUTIL8.INSTLIB for updates to the SMFUAMNT utility program.

                              Existing customers may download this file to upgrade to V8.  You will need to contact the sales office

                              for a license update for this version.

                              Please test this new version thoroughly as there have been extensive modifications over V7.

                              Others may download this file for a trial of SMFUTIL.  Please contact ASPG Sales at the above

                              phone numbers for a trial license code.


NOTE:     SMFUTIL users of both V7 and V8 should apply the appropriate PTF for IBM  APAR OA06699 if applicable to their environment. 

                 The available PTF's are UA09815 for R1F0 and UA09816 for R1G0 of DFSMS/MVS.  This prevents an 0C4 abend when

                 the SIOT is above the line. 

                 This is considered a HYPER fix for the operating system to properly support SMFUTIL.


NOTE:     Level SU80097 is required to support the new SMFVIEW V1.1 and it's ability to read LOGSTREAM SMF data records.

                 The  SU80097 is also considered a HYPER fix for users of LOGSTREAM data sources as it corrects a sporadic S0C4 abend in

                 SMFUTIL when a LOGSTREAM dataset is used as input.


SMFUTL80.EXE -  SMFUTIL Version 8.0 (MAINTENANCE FILE), SU80120++, September 23, 2015 with updated SMFUTLRT and SMFDB2TB and corrected CHECKSUM on 80110

SMFUTL80.ZIP   -  For those that need it, the same content as SMFUTL80.EXE file above but not self extracting.

                              This is cumulative maintenance only to be applied to an existing SMFUTIL V8 installation.  It does not contain the entire product.!

          NEW ===> As of SU80090 and above, SMFUTIL now supports input of an SMF LOGR  LOGSTREAM structure via a DDA block.

                              See the README.TXT Note #28 for an introduction and see the LOGSTRM.TXT file in this package for full details.

                              SMFUAMNT utility program corrected and enhanced again at SU80067++ with changes to keyword processing to allow

                              archived datasets recalled to different volumes to be retained in the SMFUTIL ARCHIVE.  Check out the new keyword

                              MISCATLG and changes to NOTCATLG in the new AMNTREAD.TXT file.  This file has full details on SMFUAMNT keywords.

                              NOTE: SU80070 introduces keyword SIDFORCE to force DUMPCLEARALL output SMF data records to have the executing system id in them.

                              NOTE: A new SMFDB2TB table has been added to support DB2, Version 8.x.

                              NOTE: SU80056 introduces DDA syntax modifications to MODEL and SPACE.

                                           MODEL(NONE) and SPACE(NONE) are now allowed to suppress SMFUTIL supplying these parameters.

                              NOTE: SU80045 introduces new CHECK7 keyword which causes RC=70+ if Record Type 7 is detected in run.

                                         See the README.TXT for details.

                              NOTE: As of SU80043, the load module SMFRNTVC should be removed from the target INSTALL library (LNKLSTxx).

                                         It is now only used internally in the SMFUTIL load module.

                              NOTE: SMFDFLTS macro has corrected and updated and is included in this package. 

                                          You must use this new version with SU80033 and up.

                              NOTE: SU80037 introduces a new DDA Block keyword, "STRIPED" that is used to indicated a Striped multiple volume

                                         dataset is being created.  This causes the dataset to be treated as a single volume dataset in the ARCHIVE.

                              SMFUADBU  ISPF interface for ARCHIVE has corrected AEXPIRE date processing at SU80053++.

                              DUMMY SYSUT1z allowed in DUMPCLEARALL for RC=0 all the time!  See README.TXT for info.

                              NOTE: Fix SU80073 requires the updated SMFSSTBL (Subset Table) included with this file for type 42 records to be recognized

                                           as containing dataset names.


SVV1.EXE      -   SMFVIEW Version 1.0/SV1004 GA Product Distribution (FULL INSTALLATION FILE) for trials.

                              If you are trialing, use SVV11Beta.EXE above instead!

                              This is a full installation file to do an original installation of SMFVIEW V1. 

                              This is a self  extracting executable.  It contains 5 XMIT format files to upload to the mainframe to create

                              the distribution libraries as they would have come from a tape.  It also has PDF and WORD versions

                              of the SMFVIEW manual for V1.   See the README.TXT file for instructions.

                              You will need to contact the ASPG sales office for a license update for this product.

                              Please contact ASPG Sales at the above phone numbers for a trial license code.

                              NOTE: SMFVIEW requires SMFUTIL to be present in the operating environment in order to execute.  It is an extension to the SMFUTIL

                                           product and uses SMFUTIL to move the SMF data.